We all know this topic, we will have 18 passed our driver’s license and has the feeling that the world is open to you. Some are fortunate enough to get their own car from their parents, others share a car with a parent. Pretty stupid, because the car is unfortunately often needed, if you would like to drive.

Car loan for apprentices is it?

Car loan for apprentices is it?

As long as you are in vocational training, it is not easy to get a car loan for apprentices. In general, the earnings are not particularly high, so that monthly rates from the Bank’s point of view can be a problem especially for the adolescent. If the apprentice owns real estate, the loan will be considerably simplified if you do not need another solution.


A guarantor can help here, family or friends can vouch for the car loan for apprentices. The occasional guarantee must be weighed up well to make sure that you can afford the monthly installments. The apprentice has to keep in mind that should he be unable to pay the installment fees the guarantor has to pay for the monthly installments.

A good preparation for a visit to the bank or the bank is particularly important

Show the bank that you may be an apprentice, but you are in a position to keep your finances under control. Make a list of all expenses and explain to the bank how you imagine repatriating the loan. Stick to your own financial plan and do not overstate the monthly installment.

Your new exciting life, in which you start to stand on your own feet should not end in a financial nightmare. Get help with the right choice of the bank or the right bank. Compare credit offers critically and ask for any ambiguity. Imagine and stick to your financial plan.

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