There is a type of credit that is faster than traditional loans. Loans of this type must be applied for online (24 hours a day) or less often by sms and cashless payment is made directly to the customer’s bank account. If the loan application is completed during business hours, it is quite likely that you will receive the loan within 5 to 15 minutes (within one bank).

The amount available is in the range of several tens to thousands of euros, but most customers choose to borrow up to 500 euros. Depending on your preference and loan amount, the term for loan repayment can vary from a week up to 5 years.

When borrowing for the first time

When borrowing for the first time

You may be eligible for a discounted loan, meaning no interest for up to 60 days. Refund the entire amount on time and you will not have to pay anything extra. Otherwise, you will be charged interest and / or default interest on your credit.

In the standard situation, without a discount, the APRC can reach 179% or more. It is undoubtedly disadvantageous for the borrower and for this reason it is worth trying and paying back the money within the term specified in the contract. You can always see the details of your quick loan payouts on your profile (after registration) or on the loan offer you receive.

Receiving credit

You must apply for instant loans online at a convenient place and time. Choose from the Conan the Barbarian featured options. To sign up for a loan, you need a mobile phone and access to your internet bank, from which you have to transfer one euro cent to your company’s bank account. Such payment is needed to confirm your identity, because access to the Internet Banking is only possible through special codes known only to you. This guarantees that quick credits are only credited to the customer’s bank account and cannot be falsified, provided that you are responsible for storing your personal data and internet banking access codes.

Loan Application Procedure:

  • fill in the application form,
  • verify your profile (you must transfer the registration fee from your account)
  • get the money in your bank account (in case of a positive decision the money will be transferred in a few minutes.)

Credit specialists act quickly, so you won’t have to wait long for an answer. If you need extra cash at night, please note that the credit will not be issued between 1pm and 2pm. 11pm to 9pm 7.00, but you can fill in the application form at any time of the day.

From 18 years

Loans from the age of 18 are still available on the Internet, but not at all companies. In fact, there are only a few lenders that give loans from the age of 18. Most creditors choose to only deal with customers who are at least 2 years old. Before granting a loan, credit specialists assess the applicant’s solvency (monthly income) and credit history (credit history). If you need instant credit at the age of 18, fill out an application with a lender offering this service and wait for an answer.

No official income

No official income

There are many people in Latvia who work informally, that is, they get paid in an envelope. At some point there is a situation where you need an urgent loan, but where to get it. Instant no-credit loans that can be confirmed in your online banking account are not open-ended. Before lending money, the creditor wants to make sure that the customer is able to repay the loan within the deadline. If you are currently in the gray sector and you know you will need credit in the near future, it is high time to legalize. Borrowing with official income will be much easier. A jobless loan whose salary can be verified online or in your bank account without a collateral and guarantor is usually not granted.

With a negative credit history


Credit history is now one of the main characteristics of an individual. When it comes to fast credit, jobs and income are not the only condition that money lenders look for. Credit history shows how the customer has previously fulfilled other obligations. This means that a person who is on debtors’ records and has not settled on his previous obligations will most likely be denied the loan. Bad credit history is generally not granted because there is a concern that the borrower will simply not return the money at maturity.

Workers Abroad

Are you currently working abroad and want to borrow in Latvia? You may be able to do this. Latvian residents working abroad can get a loan if they have an account with a bank in Latvia and the income is shown on the bank statement. There are quite a few workers who work abroad for 1-2 weeks and then return to Latvia. There are also people who work for a foreign company from home or office in Riga but live locally in Latvia. The lender will evaluate all available information before making a final loan decision. Everyone can find out their own opportunities only by applying for a loan individually.

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